Member Spotlight: Bianca Rhodes, President & CEO
Aeromedical Bio-Containment Module Provides COVID Response

Knight Aerospace exists at the exciting intersection of aerospace, military, and medical technology. Our mission is to modernize aerospace transportation to be modular, adaptable, and customizable in an ever-changing world. As global leaders in our field for nearly thirty years, we specialize in providing “Quick-Change/Roll-On Roll-Off” modules and pallets to expand the functionality of various cargo aircraft. Our products allow our customers to leverage their aircraft by expanding their mission capabilities.

With products in over thirty countries around the globe, we set the standard when it comes to aerospace transport. Our product mix includes modular and palletized systems, ground support equipment, and product upgrades and refurbishments. Our newest product, the Aeromedical Bio-Containment Module (ABCM)), is a self-contained medical unit, the world’s premier airworthy product used to transport critically injured, ill, contaminated, or contagious patients. The modules, which have undergone years of rigorous design and were developed in close consultation with defense and medical experts from around the world, are fully equipped facilities far beyond typical evacuation transport. The units can be rolled into C-130(J), C-17, and similar large cargo aircraft to accommodate 4 to 16 patients plus medical personnel. They include a wide range of critical care capabilities, such as pressurized negative airflow to isolate highly contagious patients; three separate areas for maximum separation and protection of patients and caregivers (Patient Area, Anteroom, Staff Area), lavatory facilities, and additional features which provide the ability to perform advanced medical procedures in a hospital-like setting, improving medical outcomes and saving lives.

In October, we celebrated our one-year anniversary at our new space located at Port San Antonio next to Kelly Field. Throughout the last year, we have nearly tripled our facility space and doubled our workforce to keep up with our customers’ growing demand. We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing to improve aerospace transportation around the globe.

San Antonio Manufacturing Association has been such a great resource to us at Knight Aerospace. We have been so grateful for the events hosted in-person and now online. From leadership seminars to OSHA training, we are thankful to have SAMA aid in the development of our people and business. We have also been able to forge numerous relationships through our SAMA membership and have met both strategic partners and vendors alike. We are appreciative of the expansive network and knowledge our employees have gained from our SAMA membership.

“As a small business, we absolutely could not succeed without the support of the SAMA family and the community of aerospace companies in San Antonio” states Bianca Rhodes, President & CEO

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