2022 In Person
Trade Show

Save the Date: May 10, 2022

More Information Coming Soon.


Past Exhibitors Share their Experiences

Rick Moon

Franks Manufacturing

Mona Helmy

Helmy Plastics

Bill Cox

Cox Manufacturing

We were extremely pleased to have participated in the SAMA Trade Show. From my personal perspective, I was astounded at both the quantity and quality of the show’s attendees most of which were decision makers. We obtained, minimally, 10 very high-quality contacts with which we are currently engaged. Historically we participate in 10-12 trade shows every year, SAMA’s was the best, WE WILL BE BACK!!!

Randy Holford, Sales Manager, SupplyWorksy

Past Years

2021 Speakers

Harry Moser

Reshoring Initiative

James Hawreluk

AcuMax Index

View Youtube Talk

Justin Roff-Marsh

2019 Speakers

2019 Recap

WF Strong

Texas Historian

Jeannine Kunz

Vice President,
Tooling U-SME

Michael Addo-Yobo

Cyber Security,
BDO Global Accounting Company

2018 Speakers

2018 Recap

Andy Car

KFC Technologies

Matt Robinson

Southwest Research Institute

David Rojas

Automation Station, LLC

Russ Hughes

North America Customer Center, Desoutter Tools

Jason McLaurin

Jcore Systems

Sam Wegehaupt

Assembly Shop,
Toyota Motor

The manufacturing industry is one of the largest sectors of the San Antonio economy.

This fast-growing sector includes aerospace and motor vehicle manufacturing.
San Antonio companies manufacture machinery, computer components, electrical equipment and more.
From furniture to food and beverage manufacturing, this sector is a major employer in the area.
If it can be made from petroleum, plastic, paper, or just about anything else, there’s a local manufacturer that does it.
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