Peer Group

Learn from other leaders in a SAMA Manufacturing Peer Group

When you’re leading a manufacturing company, every day brings new developments, decisions and sometimes, dilemmas. But you don’t have to do it alone.

With SAMA’s Peer Group program, company leaders like you come together to collaborate and learn from each other. You’ll meet regularly in a confidential small group setting with other member CEOs and senior executives to discuss issues and share solutions to the everyday challenges of being in business.

Manufacturing Peer Groups

Grow your business and your leadership skills by connecting one-on-one with other leaders. Benefits include:

  • Learning from other C-suite executives
  • Sharing ideas and best practices
  • Deeper knowledge of the local industry
  • Building stronger relationships with other industry leaders
  • A professional facilitator guides the group
  • Confidential small group setting

Here’s how SAMA Peer Groups have helped our members grow:

The reason I joined a SAMA peer group was that it offered an opportunity to interface with other C-suite executives in a confidential way that brings a wide range of business experience. The group success is made possible by the use of an experienced facilitator that allows the group to provide advice and council on business challenges that we all share in common.

—Douglas F. Carlberg – President – M2 Global

Peer groups are the most powerful and cost effective tool I use to improve the performance of my business. The insights and perspectives gained from the peers in my group always surprise and inspire me. I’ve been participating in peer groups for over 15 years and wholeheartedly encourage business leaders of all stripes to do the same!

—Jeff Garvens – President – Acme Holdings

We are living in challenging times and it is not going to get easier. Being in a SAMA Peer Group is the best way to navigate these challenges with manufacturing friends who can help each other in a confidential setting.

—Bill Cox – President & CEO – Cox Manufacturing

The SAMA executive peer group program has provided an excellent venue to problem solve and bounce ideas off fellow business owners in a confidential setting. As the group meetings have rotated among our different business locations, it has helped me gain insight into manufacturing processes and management practices that have improved my company’s business performance and my leadership skills. Having a professional facilitator keeps the group on track and focused. The bonding of the group has carried over outside of group meetings enabling us to be comfortable in contacting each other with questions about best practices.

—Mikal Harn – President – Comet Signs

Join a Manufacturing Peer Group

The manufacturing industry is one of the largest sectors of the San Antonio economy.

This fast-growing sector includes aerospace and motor vehicle manufacturing.
San Antonio companies manufacture machinery, computer components, electrical equipment and more.
From furniture to food and beverage manufacturing, this sector is a major employer in the area.
If it can be made from petroleum, plastic, paper, or just about anything else, there’s a local manufacturer that does it.
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