SAMA Trade Show 2020

SAMA Trade Show 2020

SAMA looked forward to the 2020 event – 20th anniversary, targeted 200 exhibitors and 2000 attendees…. Great plans met a stifling “pause” 60 days short of the event date. Any event planning during this time of Covid 19, includes the commitment of a facility for...


Last year, U.S. trade with Mexico and Canada reached nearly $1.4 trillion and supported 12 million American jobs in manufacturing, agriculture, technology, and the service sector in all 50 states. According to the Office of the Trade Representative, Texas was the...

June SAMA Updates

New Digital Newsletter Welcome to our new digital newsletter where we will provide you with information about our association, its members, issues and concerns, and items of interest that you can use to help you and your businesses.  For 105 Years, SAMA has been the...

Coronavirus Update #11

Members, Today’s update will provide current COVID-19 status links in our region,  Additionally, it will focus on major changes to our state and communities as we strive to reopen our states and communities.  Included in this update is a Safe Return to Work PlayBook...

Coronavirus Update #10

Members, Today’s update will have COVID-19 status links in our region, Additionally, it will focus on two very important issues that come up yesterday that needs your attention. COVID-19 Update See links below for current statistics: World Statistics –...

The manufacturing industry is one of the largest sectors of the San Antonio economy.

This fast-growing sector includes aerospace and motor vehicle manufacturing.
San Antonio companies manufacture machinery, computer components, electrical equipment and more.
From furniture to food and beverage manufacturing, this sector is a major employer in the area.
If it can be made from petroleum, plastic, paper, or just about anything else, there’s a local manufacturer that does it.
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